Garmin 010-00753-00 GXM 51 Satellite Receiver/Antenna
Product Description
Delivering U.S. graphical weather data directly to your compatible Garmin chartplotter, this sleek,
watertight XM satellite receiver/antenna offers easy plug-and-play installation with NMEA 2000
network connectivity. The integrated all-in-one design means there is no remote “black box” to

The GXM 51 can be powered directly through the NMEA 2000 bus, so no separate power
connection is required. In addition to conventional pole or surface mounting, the GXM 51 can
also be installed on the underside of many fiberglass decks, using the included under-deck
mount. More than 20 different types of weather information (including NEXRAD, lightning, wave
heights, water temps, wind data, and more) can be accessed from your chartplotter screen
(depending on the XM WX package selected). Plus, with a subscription, you can even use the
GXM 51 to enjoy over 170 channels of quality audio entertainment via XM Satellite Radio.
Works with:

GPSMAP® 6012
GPSMAP® 6212
GPSMAP® 7212
GPSMAP® 4008
GPSMAP® 4010
GPSMAP® 4012
GPSMAP® 4208
GPSMAP® 4210
GPSMAP® 4212
GPSMAP® 5008
GPSMAP® 5012
GPSMAP® 5015
GPSMAP® 5208
GPSMAP® 5212
GPSMAP® 5215
GPSMAP® 6008
GPSMAP® 6208
GPSMAP® 7012
GPSMAP® 7015
GPSMAP® 7215
Works with the following fish finders:
GPSMAP 421/421s
GPSMAP 521/521s
GPSMAP 526/526s
GPSMAP 536/536s
GPSMAP 541/541s
GPSMAP 546/546s
GPSMAP 441/441s