Garmin 010-00872-00 GA 30 GPS Antenna
Product Description
A replacement for our GA 29 GPS antenna, this robust and passive antenna is packaged in a
low-profile waterproof housing and provides three easy mounting solutions: pole, surface or
under-deck (for the underside of fiberglass decks). Includes surface, pole and under-deck
mounting brackets, mounting hardware, antenna cable (32 ft/10 m) and installation instructions.
Works with:

GPS 152™
GPS 152H
Works with the following fish finders:
GPSMAP 421/421s
GPSMAP 431/431s
GPSMAP 520/520s
GPSMAP 521/521s
GPSMAP 525/525s
GPSMAP 526/526s
GPSMAP 530/530s
GPSMAP 531/531s
GPSMAP 535/535s
GPSMAP 536/536s
GPSMAP 540/540s
GPSMAP 541/541s
GPSMAP 545/545s
GPSMAP 546/546s
GPSMAP 420/420s
GPSMAP 430/430s
GPSMAP 440/440s
GPSMAP 441/441s