Norcross Hawkeye FF3300PX Portable Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
HawkEyeTM Portable Fish finder model # FF3300PX. This item is used but works well.  
Sensitivity Feature
Low Sensitivity - use this feature to eliminate clutter from the screen when fishing in muddy water,
heavy vegetation, or water which contain a lot of debris
High Sensitivity - use this feature to detect small fish, fish in deep water, or fish hiding near the

Backlight Feature
Turning the backlight feature ON will keep the screen illuminated all times. This feature will
greatly reduce the battery life of the fish finder, so it should only be used during low light
conditions.  When the backlight feature is OFF, the backlight will still illuminate for 3 seconds
when a key is pressed.

Fish Alarm Feature
The fish alarm sounds when a group of fish are indicated.  Two distinctive alarm patterns indicate
the size of the fish.  2 alarm tone bursts indicate small fish.  4 alarm tone bursts indicate large fish

VariableZoneTM Temperature                                        

Sensing System (FF3300PX)
Cable Accessories:
Cable Clasp 3000-90
Transducer Floats 3000-94
Transducer Mounts: