Norcross Hawkeye DF2200PX Portable Depth Sounder
Product Description:
The Norcross DF2200PX is the newest and most versatile portable depth finder ever produced!
Not only will this depth finder give you instant depth readings, from 2.5 to 199 Feet, in 1/10th
precision, but at the press of a button the display will give real time temperature (water or air)
and fish readings.

Use it in the winter to shoot through ice before cutting your hole. Use it in the summer as a range
finder and temperature meter while diving. Use it as a backup depth finder on your pleasure boat
or scan for channels in your dingy. No matter how you use it, the DF2200PX is one piece of
equipment you should never leave the dock without.

SideScan™ Fish Detecting Sonar
With SideScan fish readings, there's no guessing where the drop-offs are or where the fish are
hiding. One press of the button on the DF2200PX depth finder scans an area for drop-offs,
ledges, or hiding fish. Scan under weeds, lily pads, and docks for trophy lunkers right before you
make your cast.
Cable Accessories:
Cable Clasp 3000-90