Norcross Hawkeye DF1120S Surface Mount Depth Sounder
Product Description:
The World's First Depth Finder for PWC's... With it's completely waterproof construction,
micro-display housing, and ShootThru sonar technology, the HawkEye DF1120S is as much at
home ripping across a lake at 70 MPH on a PWC as it is searching for a secluded cove in a

This HawkEye DF1120S has a compact micro-display housing can be easily mounted on any
vessel's dash while EasyTouch Programming allows one-touch access to an audible depth alarm.
An auto-off feature even turns off the power to save your battery.

Go Ahead, Douse it with water and hold the throttle wide open. The HawkEye DF1120S Depth
Finder will give you fast and accurate soundings time and again to help keep you out of harms
Transom Mount 8000-01
Thru-Hull 8000-06
In-Hull 8000-79
Transducer Mounting Brackets:
8000-91 Transom Mounting Bracket
8000-92 Transom Mounting Bracket
Transducer Extension Cables:
Transducer Extension Cable 8000-90
Cable Accessories:
Cable Clasp 3000-90