Norcross HawkEye In-Dash Digital Depth Sounder (D10D)
Product Description:
Instant Depth Readings, Updated 4 Times Per Second...  Why the HawkEye® D10D? Today’s
high-tech, multipurpose fish finders are designed to produce a range of readings from bottom
contour, fish location, and thermoclines, to a variety of other useful sonar data. However, the
technology used to decipher between these different signals coupled with the configuration of
their specialized transducers greatly reduces their ability to give instant bottom readings. The
HawkEye® DF1000D Digital Depth Sounder is engineered to give precise depth readings from
2.5 to 200 (.7 to 60.9 M) feet, at speeds up to 63 mph (101 kph). Say goodbye to the days of not
knowing the depth while running your boat on plane.
Cable Accessories:
Cable Clasp 3000-90
Works with the following parts: