Norcross Hawkeye Transducer Mounting Bracket Kit 8000-92
Product Description
Transom Mount Bracket for the 8000-23 Transducer. Note: The 8000-23 was the standard
transducer supplied with Generation 1 DF1000D Digital Depth Sounders. Your Generation 1
Depth Sounder has a three strand transducer cable and utilizes "butt" connectors to attach the
transducer to the display. Most 8000-23 have a tag on the transducer cable that says "Airmar
P23". For Generation 2 DF1000D or DF1120S transducer brackets order part number 8000-91.
Works with the following fish finders:
DF1000D Depth Sounder
DF1120S Depth Sounder