Norcross Hawkeye Transducer Mounting Bracket Kit 8000-91
Product Description
Transom Mount Bracket for the Transome/Glue-In Transducer (8000-01). Note: 8000-01
transducers are supplied with this bracket. You should only order this item if you have broken or
misplaced the original bracket kit supplied with your transducer. The 8000-01 is the standard
transducer supplied with the DF1120S and Generation 2 DF1000D Digital Depth Sounders and
may be labeled as MT01 in the original Installation Manual. Generation 1 DF1000D's utilized the
8000-23 Transducer made by Airmar. The Transducer Bracket for the 8000-23 is part number
Works with the following fish finders:
DF1000D Depth Sounder
DF1120S Depth Sounder