Norcross Hawkeye Transducer - Adjustable In-Hull 8000-79
Product Description
The 8000-79 in-hull transducer easily adjusts to hull dead rise angles up to 22º. This ensures
that the beam is vertically oriented to receive echoes resulting in accurate depth readings. Unlike
traditional "puck" type transducers, the 8000-79 consists of a base that is bonded to the hull and
filled with liquid. The separate transducer then attaches to the base with a twist lock. The sound
waves travel more efficiently through the liquid, giving the best possible performance. This
replaces the 8000-01 Transom/In-Hull sensor that comes standard with NorCross or Hawkeye
Works with the following fish finders:
DF1000D Depth Sounder
DF1120S Depth Sounder