Lowrance X67C IceMachine Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
All new, brilliant 256-color TFT portable sonar system. So complete and versatile, it's
revolutionizing ice fishing! This is a complete ice fishing package - carrying bag, battery well with
batter tie-downs, rechargeable battery, battery charger, swingout transducer bracket and more!

* High-brightness 3.5" (8.9cm) diagonal 256-color, 1/4 VGA active matrix TFT transflective LCD
* Impressive 320H x 240W pixel resolution
* 800 W peak-to-peak (100 W RMS) power
* Depth penetration to 600 feet* (183 m)
* Exclusive, water-repellent, softpack nylon bag
200 khz transducer
HST-WSU        Part #106-48      
Transom mount, 20 degree skimmer (200Khz) with built-in temperature. Includes power cable.
(20 ft cable)       

HS-WSU        Part #106-51       
Transom-mount, 20 degree skimmer (200kHz). Includes power cable. (20 ft cable)    

PD-WSU        Part #106-52       
Trolling motor mount or shoot-thru-hull, 20 degre power cable. (20 ft cable)      

PTI-WSU        Part #106-68       
Portable-mount, 20 degree ice fishing type (200 kHz). Includes power cable. (7 ft cable)      

PTT-WSU        Part #106-55       
Portable-mount, 20 degree skimmer with built in temperature sensor (200 kHz). Includes power
cable. (12 ft cable)     

Dual Frequency Transducer
HST-50/200-WSU        Part #106-49       
Transom-mount, dual frequency skimmer with built in temperature sensor (50 kHz 35 degree &
200 kHz 12 degree). Includes power cable. (25 ft cable) CAN BE USED WITH X67C, M68C AND

Gimbal Brackets and In-Dash Mounting Kits
GB-17        Part #113-16      
Gimbal bracket.     

Portable Accessories
PPP-12        Part #16-42      
Portable AA-cell battery power pack (batteries not included).      

PPP-15I        Part #16-45     
Ice fishing portable accessory pack. Includes ice fishing transducer, custom soft-side carry case,
battery and charger.       

Speed/Temperature Sensors
ST-TU        Part #99-75       
Speed/temp probe.       

Transducer Adapter Cables
TA-X2U        Part #99-78       
Adapts new gray connector transducers to units with new black transducer/power connector. Built
in temperature will not function.       

Transducer Extension Cables
XT-15U        Part #99-91       
15' transducer extension cable. Includes power lead.