Lowrance HDS-8 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
An easy fit with an easy-to-see large display, this HDS delivers high-definition, Super VGA color
brilliance and clarity in an award-winning, right-sized 8”/20.3 cm display package. Plus it offers all
the same advanced Lowrance HDS sounder and navigation technologies and features of the
HDS-10, while it’s likewise fully ready to build a complete onboard system.
200 khz transducer
HST-WSBL        Part #106-72       
Transom-mount, skimmer with built-in temperature sensor. (20 ft cable)     

HS-WSBL        Part #106-71   
Transom-mount, skimmer transducer. (20 ft cable)    

PDRT-WBL        Part #106-89        
Shoot-thru-hull mount, 20 degree pod type with remote temperature (200 kHz). (20 ft cable)        

PDT-WBL        Part #106-74     
Trolling motor-mount, pod type with built-in temperature sensor. (12 ft cable)        

PD-WBL        Part #106-73       
Trolling motor-mount or shoot-thru-hull, pod type transducer. (20 ft cable)     

PTT-WSBL        Part #106-76       
Portable-mount, skimmer with built-in temperature sensor. (16 ft cable)     

Dual Frequency Transducer
B164 Thru-Hull Transducer        Part #136-06      
50/200 kHz, 12 degree, 1kW RMS, tilted element. Flush mounted with less than 6.35 mm (0.25")
hull exposure. Can sit on trailer rollers and bunks with no damage at all.   

B258 Thru-Hull Transducer        Part #136-00     
50/200 kHz, 1kW RMS, with faring block. Provides deep water sounding with superb target and
bottom definition.      

B60 Thru-Hull Transducer        Part #21-001      
Bronze 50/200 kHz, 600W RMS. Provides a vertical beam without a faring. Internal element is
tilted to provide built-in deadrise compensation. Nearly flush housing minimizes drag.      

B744V Triducer        Part #136-05      
50/200 kHz, 600W RMS. Depth, speed, and temperature in a single housing. Includes a faring

HP-DFBL260        Part #106-82       
Thru-hull-mount, dual frequency bronze housing, high-power multiple element (50 kHz 19 degree
& 200 kHz 6 degree).    

HST-DFSBL        Part #106-77      
Transom-mount, dual frequency skimmer with built-in temperature sensor. (25 ft cable)     

M260 In-Hull Transducer        Part #106-91      
50/200 kHz, 1kW RMS. Separate elements for exceptional deep water performance and detail.      
P319 Thru-Hull Transducer        Part #136-02      
50/200 khz Dual Frequency, 600 W RMS, in a low-profile housing. Flush design that minimizes

P79 In-Hull Transducer        Part #136-03      
50/200 kHz, 600W RMS. Easily adjusts to hull deadrise angles up to 22 degrees. Base is bonded
to the hull and filled with liquid. Transducer attaches to the base with a twist lock.      

Gimbal Brackets and In-Dash Mounting Kits
FM-12        Part #124-65       
Flush-Mount Kit for all HDS units.      

GB-21        Part #124-59       
Gimbal Bracket for HDS-8 units.       

MB-35        Part #000-0124-74      
RAM swing arm mounting bracket with 8" arm for 5"-8" HDS units.    

Gimbal Knobs and Washers
GK-12        Part #124-56       
Gimbal Knob Set for all HDS units. Included with purchase of GB-19 gimbal bracket.    

GPS Module Accessory
LGC-4000        Part #000-0125-28       
GPS Receiver. Comes with installation manual, 15ft NMEA 2000 cable, pole mount, NMEA 2000 T
connector, mounting hardware, & gasket seal.      

LowranceNET Red
NMEA Starter Kit        Part #124-69     
Network starter kit. Includes 2 terminating resistors (TR-120M-RD, TR-120F-RD), two
T-connectors (N2K-T-RD), one 2 ft extension cable (N2KEXT-2RD), and one 15 ft extension
cable (N2KEXT-15RD), and a power node (N2K-PWR-RD). For use with all Red network devices.  
Power Cables & Adapters
CA-8        Part #119-10       
Cigarette plug power cable.      

PC-30        Part #127-49       
Power Cable for all HDS units.     

Protective Covers
CAP-1        Part #000-0124-70      
Set of connector caps for HDS units.     

CVR-14        Part #124-63       
Protective Cover for HDS-8 units.    

Transducer Extension Cables
XT-12BL        Part #99-93      
12' transducer extension cable.      

Transducer Switch Boxes
SB-10BL        Part #46-27      
Switches 2 Sonar units between 1 Transducer.     

SB-9BL        Part #46-26       
Switches 2 Transducers between 1 Sonar unit.