Garmin GPSMAP 205 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The MAP 205 will help you get the most out of your existing NMEA GPS by giving you the
advantage of Garmin® performance plotting. With a crisp 320 x 240 pixel screen for high
definition and a 3-level gray LCD, you will have a clear picture of your position and surroundings.

Features like a dual processor designed for fast, smooth scrolling, 500 waypoints, and 30 routes
of 50 waypoints each, help give you the power to navigate the world. The MAP 205's intuitive
user interface insures that you can put it to work for you without having to spend a lot of time
pushing buttons. A combination of softkeys and single function keys let you go from mapping to
text screens at a touch, without complicated setup menus.

The MAP 205 is about more than just a pretty picture, it also gives you the advantage of digital
cartography for seamless chart coverage anywhere you go. Standard inland and Navionics
offshore cartridges display land, water, and navaids in sharp detail with a black and white display
that provides incredible direct sunlight viewing. The MAP 205 will put GPS to work for work for
you in a whole new way.
Works with:
Mounting bracket knob (1)

USB to RS232 converter cable (requires applicable unit PC interface cable)

PC Interface Cable

Power/data cable (bare wires)

Vehicle power cable

8 ft. extension cable for GA 26 series antenna