Garmin GPSMAP 130 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
Just because you're tight on space doesn't mean you have to miss out on the convenience of
digital GPS chartplotting. The GPSMAP® 130 serves up a large, crisp image on a 4.1" diagonal
screen, and even has a built-in worldwide database to get you started. Add in a plug-in G-chart
for inland water or Navionics offshore cartography, and you'll be able to chart an adventure from
the boat ramp to the open water.

The GPSMAP 130's 12 parallel channel receiver offers unmatched performance and accuracy,
while a full complement of alarm and planning functions help you get around at the touch of a
button. And with point and shoot waypoint and route creation, track-up plotting, and graphic
highway steering guidance, you'll have features most full-size chartplotters can only dream of.

Much more than just a GPS receiver, the GPSMAP 130 also uses Garmin® G-chart inland and
Navionics offshore cartography for detailed display of buoys, depth contours, landmarks, boat
ramps, and much more. And to top it off, it's all packaged in a compact, rugged, and
well-designed case for console or flush mounting anywhere on your boat. With all of these
features and advantages, the GPSMAP 130 will leave you wondering how you ever got along
without it.
Works with:
2nd Mounting station

Mounting bracket knob (1), replacement

PC Interface Cable

A/C,PC adapter, 7pin (US)

GA 26/27 series flange antenna mount

GA 26/27 series antenna suction cup mount (replacement)

GA 26C low-profile remote automobile antenna (magnetic and suction mounts with 8 ft. cable and
BNC connector)

8 ft. extension cable for GA 26 series antenna

Datacard extractor
Power and Adapter Cables:
Mounting Brackets and Kits:
Protective Covers:
Power/data cable 010-10083-00
Vehicle power cable 010-10077-00
Protective Cover 010-10269-00
USB to RS232 converter cable 010-10310-00