Garmin GPS 125 Sounder Fish Finder
Product Description:
The Garmin® GPS 125 Sounder brings a whole new dimension to affordable GPS: a full-featured
sonar right on board. Now you can have the power to navigate right to your favorite hotspots and
the technology to keep reeling 'em in—without skipping a beat.

Based on the same operating system as the legendary GPS 45XL, the GPS 125 Sounder has all
the advanced features you've come to expect from the leader in GPS, including user-selectable
highway or compass steering guidance, moving map plotting with dedicated zoom keys, and
Garmin's exclusive TracBack® navigation. You'll also get room for 250 waypoints, 20 routes, and
one-touch GOTO and Man Overboard (MOB) navigation.

The GPS 125 Sounder is no ordinary fishfinder. With Garmin's exclusive See-Thru® technology
and Depth Controlled Gain, you'll always get a clear picture of fish, thermoclines, structure, and
bottom hardness—everything you need to land the big one!
Works with:
2nd Mounting station

Mounting bracket knob (1), replacement

PC Interface Cable

A/C,PC adapter, 7pin (US)

GA 26/27 series flange antenna mount

GA 26/27 series antenna suction cup mount (replacement)

GA 26C low-profile remote automobile antenna (magnetic and suction mounts with 8 ft. cable and
BNC connector)

8 ft. extension cable for GA 26 series antenna
Thru Hull 010-10107-00
Transom Mount 010-10249-00
In Hull 010-10224-00
Thru Hull 010-10218-00
Trolling Motor Mount 010-10200-00
Transom Mount 010-10105-00
Speed and Temperature Sensors:
Temperature Probe 010-10225-00
Power and Adapter Cables:
Transducer Cables:
10 Foot Extension 010-10715-00 Cable
20 Foot Extension 010-10716-00 Cable
Mounting Brackets and Kits:
Protective Covers:
Power/data cable 010-10083-00
Vehicle power cable 010-10077-00
Protective Cover 010-10269-00
USB to RS232 converter cable 010-10310-00
Suction cup transducer adapter 010-10253-00
Trolling motor transducer adapter