Garmin Fishfinder 320C Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The Fishfinder 320C is Garmin's first stand-alone color fishfinder for both freshwater and
saltwater. This unit extends our line of dedicated sonar products and incorporates several
software enhancements. Plus, it allows remote waypoint marking, which means you can send a
specific location from your Fishfinder 320C to a Garmin GPS. Now that's communication.

The Fishfinder 320C: With a sunlight-readable color display, intuitive software, and an affordable
price, extreme anglers have no excuse not to go out and buy this unit.
Transom Mount 010-10106-00
Thru Hull 010-10107-00
Transom Mount 010-10249-00
In Hull 010-10224-00
Thru Hull 010-10218-00
Trolling Motor Mount 010-10200-00
Transom Mount 010-10105-00
Speed and Temperature Sensors:
Thru Hull 010-10365-00 Speed and Temp
Speed Sensor 010-10279-01
Temperature Probe 010-10225-00
Power and Adapter Cables:
Transducer Cables:
10 Foot Extension 010-10715-00 Cable
20 Foot Extension 010-10716-00 Cable
Mounting Brackets and Kits:
Protective Covers:
Thru-hull Mount Depth/Temp 010-10451-00
In-hull Mount DF 010-10327-00
Thru-hull Mount Depth/Temp 010-10194-01
Thru-hull Mount DF Depth/Temp 010-10182-01
Transom Depth/Temp/Speed 010-10192-01
Thru-hull Mount DF 010-10194-00
Thru-hull DF Depth/Temp/Speed 010-10193-01
Thru-hull Mount DF Depth 010-10182-00
Transom Mount DF Depth/Temp 010-10272-00
Trolling Motor transducer adapter 010-10251-00
Trolling motor transducer mounting kit K00-00028-02
Mounting Bracket Knob 430-00026-00
Flush Mount Kit Hardware K00-00104-00
Gimbal Mounting Bracket 010-10357-00
Power/Data Cable 010-10083-00
Vehicle Power Cable 010-10077-00
Protective Cover 147-00011-00