Garmin Fishfinder 250 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:

With its powerful sonar, high-resolution screens, abundant features and affordable price, the
Garmin Fishfinder 250 will excite fishermen of all skill levels.

The Garmin Fishfinder 250's high-performance sonar and high-resolution screens make fishing
easy. Its single or dual-frequency sonar is dependable and intuitive to use. The Fishfinder 250
features a 320 x 320 pixel, 10-level grayscale FSTN, 4.5-inch diagonal screen — similar to those
normally found in higher-priced units.

Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater, the Fishfinder 250 is available with either a dual-
frequency 50/200 kHz transducer for deep-water applications, or a single-frequency 200 kHz
transducer for shallow inland lakes and bays.

All configurations feature Garmin's patented See-Thru® technology — which separates fish from
thermoclines and structure — and Depth Control Gain (DCG®), for detailed images of structure
and bottom densities. Additionally, anglers can connect a Garmin GPS receiver (sold separately)
to the unit to mark waypoints directly from the Fishfinder's keypad.

The Fishfinder 250's slim profile also makes it ideal for mounting in-dash or on the bow. The
unique quick-release, one-knob tilt swivel-mount allows for easy viewing at any angle.
Transom Mount 010-10106-00
Thru Hull 010-10107-00
Transom Mount 010-10249-00
In Hull 010-10224-00
Thru Hull 010-10218-00
Trolling Motor Mount 010-10200-00
Transom Mount 010-10105-00
Speed and Temperature Sensors:
Thru Hull 010-10365-00 Speed and Temp
Speed Sensor 010-10279-01
Temperature Probe 010-10225-00
Power and Adapter Cables:
Transducer Cables:
10 Foot Extension 010-10715-00 Cable
20 Foot Extension 010-10716-00 Cable
Mounting Brackets and Kits:
Protective Covers:
Trolling Motor Adapter 010-10251-00
Transom Mount DF Depth/Temp 010-10272-00
Thru-hull Mount DF Depth 010-10182-00
Thru-hull DF Depth/Temp/Speed 010-10193-01
Thru-hull Mount DF 010-10194-00
Transom Mount Depth/Temp/Speed 010-10192-01
Thru-hull Mount DF Depth/Temp 010-10182-01
Thru-hull Mount Depth/Temp 010-10194-01
In-hull Mount DF 010-10327-00
Thru-hull Mount DF Depth/Temp 010-10451-00
Protective Cover 010-10437-00
Vehicle Power Cable 010-10208-00
Retrofit Adapter Cable 010-10210-00
Power/Data Cable 010-10145-00
Swivel Mounting Bracket 010-10440-01
18-pin Weather Cap 010-10817-00
Trolling motor transducer mounting kit K00-00028-02
A/C,PC Adapter 18pin 010-10276-00
Flush Mount Kit Hardware K00-00104-00