Garmin Fishfinder 120 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The Fishfinder 120 builds on the highly successful Fishfinder 80 as a feature-rich, affordable
sonar device. It has one of the largest and highest-resolution displays of any fishfinder in its
class, providing better separation and contrast for the recreational angler. The Fishfinder 120
allows you to view and change settings without leaving the sonar screen. It also has an internal
backup system that automatically saves your settings and an "uninterrupted operation" feature
so your sonar won’t stop while you’re changing settings.

Packaged with the Fishfinder 120 is Garmin's innovative 360-degree swivel mount and quick-
release mechanism to increase utility and security. Also included with the unit is a temperature-
sensing 200-kHz transducer, which transmits at 800 watts (peak-to-peak) and 100 watts (RMS) to
a maximum depth of 600 feet. The patented transducer design allows for mounting on either the
transom or trolling motor.
Power and Adapter Cables:
Transducer Mounting Brackets:
Mounting Bracket:
Swivel Mounting 010-10440-01 Bracket
Protective Covers:
Protective Cover 010-10437-00
Portable Accessories:
Portable Carrying Case 010-10254-00
18-pin Weather Cap 010-10817-00
Trolling motor transducer mounting kit K00-00028-02