Garmin Fishfinder 100 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:

The Fishfinder 100 is a full-featured 200 khz sounder with temperature that's both waterproof
and affordable. It rounds out Garmin's complete line of sounders, which includes the Fishfinder
160 and the Fishfinder 240. Although similar in features to both of these products, the Fishfinder
100 boasts one distinct difference: a lower price tag which makes it the perfect entry-level
Garmin sounder unit.

On the outside, the unit comes packaged in an attractive case that measures 5" w x 4.9" h x 2.5"
d. The 2.5-inch diagonal display that makes detecting fish easy on the eyes, and it delivers the
big picture thanks to a blue/green, LCD, STN display with 160 x 100 pixels. Even better, you don't
have to worry about this unit getting splashed as you reel in your fish because it was designed to
withstand immersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

But it's what's inside that really makes the Fishfinder 100 so impressive. The unit comes standard
with Garmin's exclusive See-Thru® technology that allows it to hear both weak and strong signals
at the same time. A graphic whiteline also included on the fishfinder helps present a clear image
of bottom hardness and structure. The benefit to fishing enthusiasts is a sounder that will detect
fish even when suspended inside structure and thermoclines. What's more, a power output of
150 watts (RMS) and 1200 watts (peak to peak) means the Fishfinder 100 will give you an
accurate picture of what's in the water.
Transom Mount 010-10106-00
Thru Hull 010-10107-00
Transom Mount 010-10249-00
In Hull 010-10224-00
Thru Hull 010-10218-00
Trolling Motor Mount 010-10200-00
Transom Mount 010-10105-00
Speed and Temperature Sensors:
Power and Adapter Cables:
Power/Data 010-10145-00 Cable
Vehicle Power 010-10208-00 Cable
Power/Data 010-10209-00 Cable
Transducer Cables:
20 Foot Extension 010-10716-00 Cable
Transducer Mounting Brackets:
Suction Cup 010-10253-00 Bracket
Mounting Bracket:
Protective Covers:
Portable Accessories:
Portable Carrying Case 010-10254-00
2nd Mounting Station 010-10196-01
Retrofit Power Adapter 010-10210-00
Speed Sensor 010-10279-01
10 Foot Extension 010-10715-00 Cable
Trolling Motor Bracket 010-10251-00
Temperature Probe 010-10225-00
Trolling motor transducer mounting kit K00-00028-02
A/C,PC Adapter 18pin 010-10276-00
A/C,PC Adapter 18pin 010-10276-01
Protective Cover 010-10269-00
Gimbal Mounting Bracket 145-00300-00
Mounting Bracket Knob 430-00022-00