Garmin Transducer Mounting Brackets
Product Description

Fish finder mounting hardware includes mounting brackets for the fish finder units, transducer
mounting brackets and GPS mounting hardware. Weather you are mounting your fish finder unit
in the dash or by itself.
Transducer Mounting Brackets:
Flush Mounts:
Mounting Brackets:
Swivel Mounting Brackets:
Suction Cup 010-10253-00 Bracket
Trolling Motor 010-10251-00 Bracket
Bail Mount 010-11004-00 Bracket
Flush Gasket 010-11069-00
Flush Mount 010-110447-03 Bracket
Swivel Mounting 010-10920-00 Bracket
Swivel Mounting 010-10440-01 Bracket
Swivel Mounting 010-10440-00 Bracket
Flush Mount 010-10246-00 Kit
2nd Mounting 010-10196-01 Bracket
Trolling motor mounting kit K00-00028-02
Gimbal Mounting Bracket 145-00300-00
Mounting Bracket Knob 430-00022-00
Mounting Bracket Knob 430-00026-00
Flush Mount Kit Hardware K00-00104-00
Swivel Mount 010-10256-00 Bracket
2nd Mounting Station 010-10356-00
Flush Mounting Kit 010-10447-04
Gimbal Mounting Bracket 010-10357-00
Swivel Mounting Bracket 010-10522-00
Swivel Mounting Bracket 010-10921-00
2nd Mounting Station 010-10930-00