Furuno LS6100 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
Furuno's LS6100 fish finder is compact, waterproof and best of all powerful. It packs 300 Watts
(2,400 p-p) of output power for unparalleled fish finding performance.

The LS6100 offers dual frequency capabilities - both 50 and 200kHz - for a two-way view of the
world below your boat. This unit is compact enough to fit practically anywhere. Yet it features a 6"
silver brite LCD display that offers a remarkably detailed picture of fish and bottom structure.

In addition to it's fish finding capability, the LS6100 has the unique ability to be a handy
navigational organizer when connected to appropriate sensors. It can display a variety of
information including: water temperature, wind direction/speed, Lat/Lon, XTE and distance run in
a graphical or text format. With the BBGPS or BBWGPS receiver connected, the "Mini-Navigator"
feature is capable of storing up to 12 waypoints with programmable names. Any waypoint can be
selected as a destination.
Speed and Temperature Sensors:
Thru-Hull 520-5MSD
Thru-Hull 520-5PSD
Thru-Hull 520-BLD
Thru-Hull 520-PLD
In-Hull 520-IHD
Transom 525-5PWD
Thru-Hull 525STID-MSD
Thru-Hull 525STID-MSD7
Transom 525STID-PWD
Thru-Hull 525T-LTD/12
Thru-Hull 525T-LTD/20
Thru-Hull 525T-BSD
In-Hull 525T-PPD
Thru-Hull 555-SLD