Furuno LS4100 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The LS4100 is a dual frequency fish finder designed for small pleasure craft. It features a
waterproof 5” high-definition silver bright LCD screen that offers a remarkably detailed picture of
fish and bottom structure. With a resolution of 240 (H) x 320 (V) pixels, it has the highest
resolution in its class! The LS4100 offers dual frequency capabilities, both 50 and 200 kHz, and
has an outstanding 300 W RMS (2,400 Watt peak-to-peak) output power, making this fish finder
the leader in its class.

Basic display modes include single Low Frequency or High Frequency, Dual, Bottom-Lock
Expansion, Bottom Zoom, A-scope, Marker Zoom and two Nav Data display modes. Choose from
a variety of operating modes, including manual or two auto modes, fishing or cruising. The
cruising mode uses a higher clutter refection setting than the fishing mode, making it useful to
track the bottom while cruising.

The range can be changed manually or automatically. The LS4100 will redraw the entire
echogram so that the contour can be shown seamlessly.

The LS4100 has the unique ability to be a handy navigational organizer when connected to
appropriate sensors. It can display a variety of information including: water temperature, wind
direction/speed, Lat/Lon, XTE and distance run in a graphical or text format. With the BBWGPS
GPS/WAAS receiver connected, the “Mini-Navigator” feature is capable of storing up to 12
waypoints with a programmable name. Any waypoint can be selected as a destination.
Speed and Temperature Sensors:
Thru-Hull 520-5MSD
Thru-Hull 520-5PSD
Thru-Hull 520-BLD
Thru-Hull 520-PLD
In-Hull 520-IHD
Transom 525-5PWD
Thru-Hull 525STID-MSD
Thru-Hull 525STID-MSD7
Transom 525STID-PWD
Thru-Hull 525T-LTD/12
Thru-Hull 525T-LTD/20
Thru-Hull 525T-BSD
In-Hull 525T-PPD
Transom 525T-PWD
Thru-Hull 555-SLD