Furuno FCV585 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The FCV585 is a dual frequency (50 kHz and 200 kHz) Color LCD Sounder featuring Furuno's
DSP technology. The FCV585 displays underwater conditions in 8, 16 or 64 colors on a super-
bright 8.4" LCD screen.

You’ve probably heard about digital fish finders, but aren’t quite sure what the difference is. The
main difference is the filtering capabilities and auto adjustments. Our new FDF (Furuno Digital
Filter) technology helps adjust gain, STC “Clutter” and output power, as well as suppress main
bang (the echoes just below the transducer.) It also makes the picture clearer and easier to
decipher. But even the best digital filter won’t help unless you start with a solid basis, such as
Furuno’s renowned fish finder technology.

The FCV585's waterproof construction allows it to be installed on any bridge. Audio and visual
alarms alert you whenever preset limits are met for water depth, water temperature and fish
echoes. Selectable display modes include High or Low Frequency, Dual Frequency, Zoom, Nav
Data, A-Scope, Marker Zoom, Bottom Zoom or Bottom-Lock. Furuno's TLL (Target Lat/Lon)
output allows you to interface the FCV585 with your Furuno chart plotter so you can mark any
spot you desire and save it as a waypoint, enabling you to return to it whenever you desire.
Speed and Temperature Sensors:
Thru-Hull 520-5MSD
Thru-Hull 520-5PSD
Thru-Hull 520-BLD
Thru-Hull 520-PLD
In-Hull 520-IHD
Transom 525-5PWD
Thru-Hull 525STID-MSD
Thru-Hull 525STID-MSD7
Transom 525STID-PWD
Thru-Hull 525T-LTD/12
Thru-Hull 525T-LTD/20
Thru-Hull 525T-BSD
In-Hull 525T-PPD
Thru-Hull 555-SLD
Thru-Hull 525TID-BHD
Transom 525TID-TMD
Thru-Hull SS264W-50/20
Thru-Hull SS264W-50/12
In-Hull 527ID-IHD
Thru-Hull SS264W-200/20
Thru-Hull SS264W-200/12
Thru-Hull 526TID-HDD
Thru-Hull 526TID-LTD/12
Thru-Hull 526TID-LTD/20
Thru-Hull 556TID-HDD
Thru-Hull CA200B-5
External CA200B-5S
Thru-Hull CA50/200-12M
External CA50/200-1T
External CA50B-6B
External CA50B-6G