Furuno FCV561 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The Furuno FCV561 is a compact color video sounder with dual-frequency transmitters using a
single transducer. Steady, non-fading images are presented on an 8" CRT in accordance with
the received echo strength.

Operation is simple and intuitive with large single-function keys and rotary controls. You can
customize the operation setup for your particular application by setting parameters on the Menu
screen. These customized parameters are retained when the power is turned off.

A Noise Limiter and an audible alarm facility are provided as standard features. The temperature
alarm alerts you when water temperature goes either higher or lower than the operator-preset
value. In addition, either Fish Alarm or Bottom Alarm may be selected.

Water depth is displayed digitally on-screen. When the FCV561 is fitted with an optional
Speed/Temperature sensor or a multi-sensor transducer, both ship speed and water
temperature are displayed digitally. In addition, ship's position in Lat/Lon is shown when a nav
sensor outputting data in CIF or NMEA 0183 format is connected. All of this digital data may be
presented in larger size type in the Nav Data Display.