Furuno FCV551 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The FCV551 is a standalone single-frequency fish finder that also incorporates a built-in Video

This plotter can take information from an external navigation source such as Loran C or GPS and
then display your courseline in Lat/Lon. Overlaid on the courseline are up to 16 event marks that
show where you have indicated something of interest. Details for each event mark may be called
up, including Lat/Lon, Depth, Time and Water Temperature (with the appropriate sensor
connected). We call it Fishing Database Management.

The FCV551 can be customized to quickly and easily select any one of six depth ranges you use
most often. Built-in alarms for Fish, Temperature and Depth are standard. You can playback a
full page of past soundings. And, you can display a history of water temperatures along with the
bottom contours.