Furuno FCV30BB Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The FCV30BB is a high-performance echo sounder designed for fishing as well as
oceanographic research vessels. This echo sounder employs a new multi beam transducer that
facilitates multi directional and long-range detection. FURUNO’s leading-edge signal processing
technology makes the FCV30BB, unparalleled in this class of sounders.
The FCV30BB provides a variety of presentation modes: Multi beam, Split beam, Zoom, and A-
scope. Also, images from external sounders or net sondes can be displayed. Multi mode allows
the detection in up to five directions simultaneously.

The direction and tilt of each beam can be determined by the menu setting. The directions of the
beams can be set anywhere around the vessel, and the tilts can be set within ± 20 degrees from
directly underneath the vessel. By conducting the searches at five different directions at the
same time, the location and distribution of the fish school around the vessel is indicated. This
also helps understand the bottom composition, undulation and slant, allowing the operator to
make an accurate judgment of speed and course to trawl.

The FCV30BB has a unique function called ‘fish size display’ which measures individual fish sizes
within a fish school and displays them in the diagram. The individual fish sizes are computed
according to the echo strength within the section, which can be manually set on the screen. The
fish sizes can be displayed in a diagram by the centimeter.

The FCV30BB is a Black Box configuration, consisting of a control, processor, transceiver units
and a transducer. The control unit consists only of a trackball, thumbwheel and several soft keys.
The Furuno LCD monitors MU201C (20.1'', SXGA), MU155C (15.1'', XGA) or a PC monitor can
be utilized as a display unit.

With an optional built-in motion sensor, beam stabilizer can be facilitated, which eliminates the
loss of important targets due to ship’s motion in rough seas. Beams are maintained at required
bearing and tilt by compensating for ship’s pitching and rolling.

The Furuno Satellite Compass SC50 or SC110 detect ship’s heaving as well as pitching/rolling.
The satellite compass improves the echo presentation by compensating for echoes’ ruffling
arising from ship’s heaving. This gives an unwavering presentation of the echo images even in
rough seas, and enhances the accuracy of the measurement for fish display.