Furuno FCV281 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The Furuno FCV281 is a cost-effective, compact single-frequency color video sounder for
pleasure boats and smaller fishing vessels. It features versatile display modes, friendly operation
and flexible installation. Echoes are presented in 8 or 16 colors, or monochrome amber with
8-level quantization on the 10" screen. Background color for echogram can be selected from light
blue, dark blue or black for optimum viewing day and night.

Display modes include Normal, Marker Zoom, Bottom Lock, Bottom Zoom, Nav and A-Scope.
Zoom mode expands an area specified by the zoom marker. In Marker Zoom mode, the marker
can be freely moved to expand a section of interest.

The FCV281 provides an Auto mode for hands-free operation. It automatically switches depth
range and optimizes gain in changing depth conditions.

The stylish cabinet allows flexible installation, fitting nicely on a table top or overhead mount, and
is designed to accommodate flush mounting.