Furuno FCV1200 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The FCV1200 is a powerful, dual-frequency fish finder, designed for both commercial and sport
fishing boats, 35-65-plus feet. This state-of-the-art fish finder features a 10.4" color TFT LCD
screen that presents a remarkably sharp and brilliant picture, under all ambient light conditions.
The FCV1200 comes with an easily set 1kW, 2kW or 3kW transmitter. It has a Furuno Free
Synthesizer (FFS) transceiver which allows easy selection of a broad range of operating
frequencies (15/28/38/50/88/107/200kHz).
You also have a choice of display options with the FCV1200 or FCV1200BB. The standard
FCV1200 LCD screen is available in vertical or horizontal aspect, with the control unit to the right
or below. The FCV1200BB "Black Box" version gives you the flexibility to utilize almost any CRT
or LCD flat panel display.
Thru-Hull CA28TID-S261
Speed and Temperature Sensors:
External CA28F-8
External CA28F-18
External CA28BL-6HR
Thru-Hull SS264W-50/20
Thru-Hull SS264W-50/12
Thru-Hull SS264W-200/20
Thru-Hull SS264W-200/12
Thru-Hull CA200B-5
External CA200B-5S
Thru-Hull CA50/200-12M
External CA50/200-1T
External CA50B-6B
External CA50B-6G
External CA28F-24H
External CA28BL-12HR
External CA28F-38M
External CA28F-72
External CA38BL-9HR
External CA38BL-15HR
External CA50B-9B
External CA50B-12
External CA50BL-24HR
External CA50F-24H
External CA50BL-12HR
External CA50F-38
External CA50F-70
External CA88B-8
External CA88B-10
External CA88F-126H
External CA100B-10R
Thru-Hull CA200B-5
External CA200B-5S
Thru-Hull CA200B-82M
External CA200B-8B
External CA200B-12H
Thru-Hull 526TID-HDN
In-Hull 527ID-IHN
Thru-Hull CA50/200TID-R99
In-Hull CA50/200ID-R199
Thru-Hull R209TIDN
Thru-Hull R309TIDN