Furuno FCV1150 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The FCV1150 is a color digital sounder designed for a variety of professional fishing operations.
It’s high-brightness 12.1” color LCD with AR coated glass filter provides superior, glare-free
viewing even in direct sunlight.

The FCV1150 employs Furuno Free Synthesizer (FFS) technology which permits a wide
selection of operating frequencies from 28 to 200 kHz. If a Furuno transducer is used, operating
frequency is automatically set in the menu, and can be shifted manually at any time. This feature
is useful for vessels targeting many different species of fish, and may also be used to eliminate
interference that may be caused by nearby ships with transducers operating at the same
frequency. Output power is selectable among 1, 2 or 3 kW.

A wide variety of display modes and functions are available that provide captains with simple and
intuitive information for virtually any fishing requirement including Single (HF/LF), Dual, Single +
Zoom, Zoom (Bottom Lock, Bottom Zoom or Marker Zoom), Mix Mode, Nav Data and A-Scope.
Additionally, two custom display modes may be programmed by the operator. The FCV1150 can
be interfaced with a Furuno Satellite Compass to compensate for heaving caused by the
movement of the ocean, providing unwavering, stable detection even in rough seas.

Faster Transmission Rate:
The rate of transmission has been greatly increased by more than 30% compared with current
conventional fish finders. As a result, more detailed information about underwater conditions can
be gained in the same sounding interval. The FCV1150 also incorporates new transmission
technique that automatically switches the echo transmission rate according to the depth of the
sounding area. Transmission speed is raised in shallow waters and lowered in deep waters,
providing more detailed detection of seabed and targets.

Quick Gain Setting:
The Gain setting for all of the echoes on the screen can be adjusted by rotating the Gain knob.
Because all of the visible echoes on the screen are adjusted with the Gain settings, the correct
setting for virtually any situation can be quickly and easily determined.

White Edge:
The top of the seabed is displayed in white to show seabed structure. This function also helps to
discriminate between bottom fish and seabed.
Speed and Temperature Sensors:
External CA28F-8
External CA28F-18
External CA28BL-6HR
Thru-Hull SS264W-50/20
Thru-Hull SS264W-50/12
Thru-Hull SS264W-200/20
Thru-Hull SS264W-200/12
Thru-Hull CA200B-5
External CA200B-5S
Thru-Hull CA50/200-12M
External CA50/200-1T
External CA50B-6B
External CA50B-6G
External CA28F-24H
External CA28BL-12HR
External CA28F-38M
External CA28F-72
External CA38BL-9HR
External CA38BL-15HR
External CA50B-9B
External CA50B-12
External CA50BL-24HR
External CA50F-24H
External CA50BL-12HR
External CA50F-38
External CA50F-70
External CA88B-8
External CA88B-10
External CA88F-126H
External CA100B-10R
Thru-Hull CA200B-5
External CA200B-5S
Thru-Hull CA200B-82M
External CA200B-8B
External CA200B-12H
Thru-Hull 526TID-HDN
In-Hull 527ID-IHN
Thru-Hull CA50/200TID-R99
In-Hull CA50/200ID-R199
External CA82B-35R
Thru-Hull R209TIDN
Thru-Hull R309TIDN
In-Hull R299ID-IHN
In-Hull R399ID-IHN