Furuno FCV10 Fish Finder Parts
Product Description:
The ScanBeam Sounder FCV10 is a high-power (10 kW RMS) fish finder optimized for deepsea
operations. It combines flexibility of operating modes and ranges with superb beam

Sounding in deep water requires concentration of the acoustic energy in a tight beam, but the
normal result of very sharp beams is poor performance when the vessel rolls or pitches. The
FCV10 stabilizes the beam direction by use of a phased array of multiple transducers and a
vessel motion sensor. The result of this configuration is excellent deep-water performance and
stable echoes.

The high-definition 14" color display presents underwater targets in 16 colors depending on the
received echo strength. The display screen may be divided into segments at the operator's
selection, in order to present the undersea information in various manners. Normally, 3 vertical
segments present echoes detected by beams emitted straight down, port slant and starboard
slant. Other modes are available including bottom-lock expansion, pelagic expansion and
A-scope mode instantly displays the echo intensity from all targets detected by a single ping, and
facilitates clear discrimination of fish and fish schools from the seabed. This is an essential
feature for deepsea trawling.