Furuno Fish Finder Transducers
Listed below are transducers that work with Furuno fish finders.  
Thru-Hull Mount:
Thru-Hull 520-5MSD
Thru-Hull 520-5PSD
Thru-Hull 520-BLD
Thru-Hull 520-PLD
In-Hull Mount:
In-Hull 520-IHD
Transom Mount:
Transom 525-5PWD
Thru-Hull 525STID-MSD
Thru-Hull 525STID-MSD7
Transom 525STID-PWD
Thru-Hull 525T-BSD
Thru-Hull 525T-LTD/12
Thru-Hull 525T-LTD/20
In-Hull 525T-PPD
Transom 525T-PWD
Thru-Hull 555-SLD
Thru-Hull 525TID-BHD
Transom 525TID-TMD
Thru-Hull SS264W-50/20
Thru-Hull SS264W-50/12
In-Hull 527ID-IHD
Thru-Hull SS264W-200/20
Thru-Hull SS264W-200/12
Thru-Hull 526TID-HDD
Thru-Hull 526TID-LTD/12
Thru-Hull 526TID-LTD/20
Thru-Hull 556TID-HDD
Thru-Hull CA200B-5
External CA200B-5S
External Mount:
Thru-Hull CA50/200-12M
External CA50/200-1T
External CA50B-6B
External CA50B-6G
External CA28F-8
External CA28F-18
External CA28BL-6HR
External CA28F-24H
External CA28BL-12HR
External CA28F-38M
External CA28F-72
External CA38BL-9HR
External CA38BL-15HR
External CA50B-9B
External CA50B-12
External CA50BL-24HR
External CA50F-24H
External CA50BL-12HR
External CA50F-38
External CA50F-70
External CA88B-8
External CA88B-10
External CA88F-126H
External CA100B-10R
Thru-Hull CA200B-82M
External CA200B-8B
External CA200B-12H
Thru-Hull 526TID-HDN
In-Hull 527ID-IHN
Thru-Hull CA50/200TID-R99
In-Hull CA50/200ID-R199
External CA82B-35R
Thru-Hull R209TIDN
Thru-Hull R309TIDN
In-Hull R299ID-IHN
In-Hull R399ID-IHN
Thru-Hull CA28TID-S261