Eagle SeaFinder 245 DS Fish Finder
Product Features

* 4" (10.2 cm) diagonal screen
* Film SuperTwist LCD
* Eagle SeaFinder 245 DS - 240x160 pixel resolution
* Backlit screen
* 4-level grayscale

* Eagle SeaFinder 245 DS - Depth capability to 1,000 ft* (305 m) with 1,500 watts of peak-to-
peak power
* Compact 83/200 Dual-Search Skimmer® transducer with dual beams producing up to 120
degrees of fishfinding coverage - includes built-in temp sensor
* FishReveal™ feature exposes fish targets hidden in surface clutter, weed beds,
thermoclines, and other types of underwater cover
* HyperScroll™ feature locates and displays fish targets at higher boat speeds
* Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™) automatically adjusts your Eagle SeaFinder 245 DS -
settings for the best sonar picture
* Eagle SeaFinder 245 DS - Patented GRAYLINE® separates fish from nearby structure and
* Advanced Fish I.D.™ shows underwater targets in different sizes of fish symbols
* FishTrack™ displays target depth readings above fish symbols
* Surface water temperature readings come from a Eagle SeaFinder 245 DS - built-in temp
sensor in the transducer
* Zoom with zoom bottom tracking and easy zoom-in/out control

Eagle SeaFinder 245 DS - Performance:
* Eagle SeaFinder 245 DS - Easy to connect/disconnect with uniplug cable connector
* Internal back-up memory for key sonar settings
* Completely sealed and waterproof, even for use in harsh saltwater environments
200 khz transducer
HST-WSU        Part #106-48       
Transom mount, 20 degree skimmer (200Khz) with built-in temperature. Includes power cable.
(20 ft cable)     

PDT-WSU        Part #000-0106-50      
Trolling-motor mount, 20 degree pod type with built in temperature sensor (200 kHz). Includes
power cable. (10 ft cable)      

Gimbal Brackets and In-Dash Mounting Kits
FM-6        Part #113-20     
Flushmount kit.     

GB-17        Part #113-16     
Gimbal bracket.       

GBSA-3        Part #113-26       
Gimbal bracket swivel adapter.     

Portable Accessories
PPP-12        Part #16-42        
Portable AA-cell battery power pack (batteries not included).      

Transducer Adapter Cables
TA-BL2U        Part #119-00        
Adapts blue connector 50/200 kHz or 200 kHz transducers to units with newer black 50/200 kHz
or 200 kHz transducer/power connector.     

TA-X2U        Part #99-78      
Adapts new gray connector transducers to units with new black transducer/power connector. Built
in temperature will not function.      

Transducer Extension Cables
XT-15U        Part #99-91      
15' transducer extension cable. Includes power lead.