Eagle FishMark 640C Fish Finder
# Ultra-bright, 5" (12.7 cm) diagonal screen

# High-definition 640Vx480H resolution

# Depth capability to 800 ft* (244 m) with 1500 watts of peak-
to-peak power (187W RMS)

# High-performance, low-profile 200 kHz Skimmer®
transducer with built-in temp sensor delivers up to 60° of fish
detection area with high sensitivity settings - Operates at
boat speeds up to 70 mph (61 kts) - Variety of other
transducer purchase options available

# Trolling speed and distance log readings available with
purchase of an optional sensor

# Adjustable ping speed with automatic HyperScroll™ to
display fish targets at higher boat speeds

# FasTrack™ vertical bar flasher displays real-time sonar
returns and relative strength of each

# Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™) automatically adjusts
your settings for the best sonar picture

# COLORLINE™ separates fish from nearby structure and
bottom, and helps define bottom composition and hardness

# Advanced Fish I.D.™ shows underwater targets in different
sizes of fish symbols

# FishTrack™ displays target depth readings above fish

# Selective on/off sonar alarms: Shallow, Deep, Fish and

# Rugged, reliable, completely sealed and waterproof casing,
even for use in harsh saltwater environments
HST-WSU        Part #106-48       
Transom mount, 20 degree skimmer (200Khz) with built-in temperature. Includes power cable.
(20 ft cable)

PDRT-WSU        Part #106-69       
Shoot-thru-hull mount, 20 degree pod type with remote temperature (200 kHz). Includes power
cable. (20 ft cable)        

PDT-WSU        Part #000-0106-50        
Trolling-motor mount, 20 degree pod type with built in temperature sensor (200 kHz). Includes
power cable. (10 ft cable)      

PD-WSU        Part #106-52      
Trolling motor mount or shoot-thru-hull, 20 degre power cable. (20 ft cable)    

PTI-WSU        Part #106-68       
Portable-mount, 20 degree ice fishing type (200 kHz). Includes power cable. (7 ft cable)   

PTT-WSU        Part #106-55       
Portable-mount, 20 degree skimmer with built in temperature sensor (200 kHz). Includes power
cable. (12 ft cable)     

PT-WSU        Part #106-54      
Portable-mount, 20 degree skimmer (200 kHz). Includes power cable. (15 ft cable)     

Gimbal Brackets and In-Dash Mounting Kits
FM-5        Part #113-04      
Flush mount kit.      

GB-14        Part #101-99        
Gimbal bracket.      

GBSA-1        Part #51-83      
Gimbal bracket swivel adapter.      

MB-7        Part #101-62      
R-A-M 1" ball mount bracket with arm and mounting plate.      

Gimbal Knobs and Washers
GK-9        Part #101-80      
Gimbal knobs.      

Portable Accessories
PPP-14        Part #16-44      
Portable D-cell battery power pack (batteries not included).    

Speed/Temperature Sensors
ST-TU        Part #99-75    
Speed/temp probe.     

TS-2U        Part #99-77        
Temperature probe for Temp 2.      

Transducer Extension Cables
XT-15U        Part #99-91    
15' transducer extension cable. Includes power lead.