Eagle FishMark 160 Fish Finder
Product Description

160x160 pixel, high contrast, Film SuperTwist LCD display produces enhanced target detail and
separation. Surface water temperature readings provided automatically from a built-in sensor in
the transducer. Patented GRAYLINE separates fish and important structure on or near the
bottom from the actual bottom and defines bottom composition/hardness. Advanced Signal
Processing (ASP) adjusts your FishMark 160 for the best sonar pictures possible as water
conditions change. Screen Dim.: 3.3"Wx3.3"H.
PPP-11        Part #16-41      
Portable D-cell power pack (batteries not included).    

SP-X        Part #99-70       
Speed probe. Includes MY-4X adapter.     

Gimbal Brackets and In-Dash Mounting Kits
GB-14        Part #101-99
Gimbal bracket.        

MB-7        Part #101-62      
R-A-M 1" ball mount bracket with arm and mounting plate.    

Gimbal Knobs and Washers
GK-9        Part #101-80       
Gimbal knobs.       

Speed/Temperature Sensors
ST-TX        Part #99-54      
Transom-mount speed and temp sensor. Includes an MY-4X adapter.      

TS-1X        Part #99-50       
Temperature sensor. Includes MY-4X adapter.     

Transducer Extension Cables
XT-12X        Part #99-57       
12' extension cable.