Lowrance/Eagle MB-7 RAM Mounting Bracket
Product Description

R-A-M 1" ball mount bracket with arm and mounting plate.
Works with: Accura 240, Cuda 168 EX,
FishEasy 2, FishElite 320, FishElite
iGPS, FishElite 640C, FishElite 642C
iGPS, FishMark 160, FishMark 240,
FishMark 320, FishMark 480, FishMark
2400, GlobalMap 2400, GlobalMap
3200, GlobalMap 3300C, GlobalMap
3500C, GlobalMap 4800, IntelliMap
320, IntelliMap 480, IntelliMap 500C,
320, IntelliMap 480, IntelliMap 500C,
IntelliMap 502C iGPS, IntelliMap 642C
iGPS, Journey, LMS-240, LMS-320,
LMS-330C, LMS-332C, LMS-334C
iGPS, LMS-335C DF, LMS-337C DF,
LMS-339C DF iGPS, LMS-480,
SeaCharter 320DF, SeaCharter
480DF, SeaCharter 500C DF,
SeaCharter 502C DF iGPS,
SeaCharter 640C DF, SeaCharter
642C DF iGPS, SeaFinder 240DF,
SeaFinder 320DF, Status, Trifinder 2,
X100C, X102C, X105C DF, X107C DF,
X125, X135, X136DF, X51, X58DF,
X-71, X87, X88DF, X-91, X97, X98DF
Works with the following fish finders:
Eagle FishMark 640C
Eagle FishElite 480
Eagle FishElite 502C
Eagle FishElite 642C
Eagle IntelliMap 320
Eagle IntelliMap 502C
Eagle IntelliMap 642C
Eagle SeaCharter 640C DF
Eagle SeaCharter 642C DF
Eagle FishEasy 2
Eagle FishElite 320
Eagle FishElite 640C
Eagle FishMark 160
Eagle FishMark 240
Eagle FishMark 320
Eagle FishMark 480
Eagle FishMark 500C
Eagle IntelliMap 480
Eagle IntelliMap 500C
Eagle SeaCharter 480 DF