Lowrance/Eagle GK-8 Gimbal Mounting Knobs
Product Description

Gimbal knobs with washers. Set of 2.
Works with: AccuMap GPS, Accura
240, Eagle View, Fish I.D. 128,
FishEasy, FishEasy ST, GlobalMap
1600, GlobalNav 310, Journey,
LCG-2400, LCG-2400, LMS-150 GPS,
LMS-160 Map, Magna III, Magna III
Optima, SeaView 1200, SeaView 1600,
SeaView 600, SeaView 800, Status,
Strata 128, Strata 128 Plus,
StrataView, StrataView 128, SupraPro
I.D., TriFinder, Ultra Classic, Ultra
Classic Plus, X-22A, X-23, X-24, X-25A,
X-25B, X-28, X-29, X-38, X-45, X-48,
X-49, X-65, X-75, X-85
Works with the following fish finders: