Lowrance/Eagle Power Cables and Adapters
Product Description
Fish finder power cables and accessories for Eagle and Lowrance fish finder units.  This includes
power extension cables, fuses, A/C adapters and cigarette plug power adapter cable.  Keeping
power supplied to your fish finder is the most important objective.  No power, no fish finder.
Power Cables:
A/C Power Adapters:
Cigarette Power Adapters:
AC-CAF A/C Adapter
CA-16 Cigarette Power Adapter
CA-2 Cigarette Power Adapter
CA-8 Cigarette Power Adapter
FUSE-1 3-Amp Fuse
PAC-9 A/C Power Adapter
PC-21X Power Cable
PC-24U Power Cable
PC-26BL Power Cable
PC-27BL Power Cable
PC-30 Power Cable
PC-31BLN Power Cable