Lowrance/Eagle CA-2 Cigarette Power Adapter
Product Description
8-foot adapter cable lets you operate the unit from any vehicle's cigarette lighter that provides
5-16 volts. May also be used along with the AC-CAF to power unit from homes 120 outlet.
Works with: AirMap 100, AirMap 1000,
AirMap 2000C, Cuda 168 EX, Eagle
Expedition, Eagle Expedition II, Eagle
Explorer, Eagle Map Guide, Eagle Map
Guide Pro, Eagle View, FishElite 320,
GlobalMap 100, GlobalNav 12,
GlobalNav 310, GlobalNav 310,
IntelliMap 320, IntelliMap 480,
IntelliMap 500C, IntelliMap 502C iGPS,
IntelliMap 642C iGPS, SeaFinder
320DF, X47, X47EX
Works with the following fish finders:
Eagle Cuda 168
Eagle FishElite 320
Eagle IntelliMap 320
Eagle IntelliMap 480
Eagle IntelliMap 500C
Eagle IntelliMap 502C iGPS